Day 6…Really?

15179077_10154628313576166_4709343064344981021_nI am so proud of myself for continuing to be accountable to blogging every day in April. I am grateful to Effy Wild for all that she does and puts out into the universe. You can check out some of the awesome things she does here:

So it’s Friday, and it is getting hot. I live in Florida and I am not a big fan of the heat….And I am not talking about regular summer heat…..I am talking about what happens here from about May to October…..over 95F most days, with a humidity level of about 99-100%, and the beating sun……I dread it just thinking about it. It literally drains the energy from my body, and seeing as we are on a farm, I have to be outside more than usual.

But, I will say, that since we moved up here from South Florida 6 years ago, it has been better. Living down there, it was like that from January to January, with maybe a few days of temps in the 50s.

Here, we get Fall….and it is lovely. It is not as vibrant or fragrant as further North, but it does the trick……our Sycamores change color and drop their leaves….and we even get a “slight” winter. We don’t get snow, but we do get temps in the 30s, and the way our house and property sits, on an open field surrounded by trees and the house is elevated slightly….we have been known to wake up with ice and frost and temps in the high 20s on quite a number of days. Usually it is up to the 50s and 60s by 1PM. It’s so perfect, you never ever hear me complain….that is, until the heat rolls around….

But, with that being said, I’ll take those summers that last 6 months, knowing there is the promise of beautiful weather for the next 6.




4 thoughts on “Day 6…Really?”

  1. I’m with you on heat. We get triple digits here in So Cal, too, and it drains me. But, I have to say I envy any place that has any kind of fall foliage and a light snow would make my heart sing! Here it’s 70 and sunny every day, except for the 3 days it rains a year and the three weeks it’s an oven.


  2. I would love to live in Florida! I especially love florida in February and March, but I’m not sure how I would feel about the bugs…


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